Letter to the membership from EOC regarding election

The EOC and BOD would like to thank all the members who took the time to
participate in the election by nominating candidates.  Now that the nomination process has ended, the EOC will be busy putting together ballots to send to CCAA members by October 15th, 2013.  Please be on the lookout for your ballot and take the time to complete it and send it back by December 1st, 2013.

The EOC urges all members to exercise his or her right to vote and it is important that members understand the efforts that have been made to fairly represent the wishes of the membership.  Because elections are crucial to the success and progress of the CCAA, the EOC would like to share with the membership the action steps that have been and will be taken to ensure an ethical and tamper-proof election process, as detailed below.  
·         All nominees have been sent confirmation that their nominations were received so none were “lost” in cyberspace.
·         All information regarding the qualifications of all the nominees is available to all members by written request.
·         At no time will any members of the CCAA EOC or any CCAA Officers or Board of Directors or CCAA general club members have any physical contact with any of the outgoing or incoming ballots.
·         All ballots will be sent out by the Registered Parliamentarian.
·         All ballots sent out will have the Registered Parliamentarian’s return address so that in the event that a ballot is lost in the mail or is undeliverable, it will be returned to the Registered Parliamentarian.
·         All completed ballots will be sent to the Registered Parliamentarian.
·         All ballots will be received and counted by the Registered Parliamentarian.
·         The Registered Parliamentarian will review the bylaws to be sure all requirements are met.
·         The Registered Parliamentarian will send the results of the election to the CCAA Acting President and the Chairperson of the EOC.  The results will then be sent to the CCAA Secretary who shall make the results public.
If any club member has any questions, please send them to the EOC at the following e mail address:  CCAA2013EOC@aol.com
Thank you for your participation in this important process!

2013 Election info

Calling all CCAA Members!  As this new week begins, we find ourselves halfway through September!  This means you only have about 2 weeks left to nominate someone for the 2013 election!  During the week, try to spend some time thinking about how you can get involved in this important and exciting election!  Nominating is a simple process and gives members a voice!

Nominations can either be mailed via USPS or emailed. If you choose to MAIL your nomination, just make sure that it is postmarked by or beforeSeptember 30th and addressed to:

JoAnne Campbell EOC

28987 Old Trilby Road

Brooksville, Florida 34602

If you choose to EMAIL your nomination, just make sure that it is emailed no later than September 30th to CCAA2013EOC@aol.com.

As nominations are received, the EOC will send out an email confirming that your nomination has been received, so keep an eye out for that confirmation email!

As important deadlines come up, the EOC will post reminders to make this an easy process. Questions and/or clarification can ALWAYS be sent to the EOC via email at CCAA2013EOC@aol.com. Thank you for being a part of this important process for the CCAA!

2nd Annual CCAA Working Regional Event Results

CCAA Working Committee would like to sincerely thank all the Cane Corsos that participated in the 2nd annual CCAA Working Regional generously hosted by Chicago Dog Sport Festival.

Your efforts to showcase the versatility and trainability of the Cane Corso are very much appreciated, as is your dedication and countless hours spent working with your dogs.

CONGRATULATIONS to Mitch Keating and his dog Byonic’s Viggo for obtaining their IPO 1A! They were also awarded the High Protection Score Cane Corso, and are the 1st ever CCAA Working Regional Champion! It should also be noted that Mitch is the breeder, owner, handler and trainer of Viggo!

CONGRATULATIONS also to Angie Stark and Renegade’s Dozer for earning their IPO OB 3 (having obtained their IPO 3A earlier in the year) as well as the High Obedience Score Cane Corso trophy. A special thanks goes to Angie as well for hosting such a great event and making CCAA’s participation possible!

Complete results can be found here: http://www.dogsportfestival.com/ipoentries.htm

Suspension notice


Regretfully, the CCAA is announcing that Tony Scandy, President of the CCAA, has been suspended from his duties until December 5, 2013 for ethics violations. In the interim, Janet Gigante CCAA Vice President, will assume his duties.


Steel Campbell
CCAA Secretary


2015 Judge nominations revised…

Nominations for the specialty judges for 2015 will begin again with some new parameters in place.  Due to concerns that have been expressed regarding the differences in judging and standards, the BOD has voted to change the judge nomination process as follows:

The National Specialty judge must be an AKC judge.  Judges approved to judge the Cane Corso in FCI or AKC may be nominated for the other specialty events.  This will change the  initial nominations to 2 categories (national specialty and other specialties) with 3 nominations per member for each category.  Nominations will be processed according to the following timeline.  Please submit to: events@canecorso.org

August 1 – September 15, open nominations (3 nominations per voting member)
September 16 – October 15, vetting nominees
October 16 – November 15, final voting on vetted nominees (one vote per voting member)