2013 CCAA Dog of the Year


GCH CH Firehorse Franklin aka “Oak” defeated a total of 542 other Cane Corsi during 2013, 530 were by Best of Breed wins and 12 were by Best of Opposite wins.

The top 5 Cane Corso dogs for 2013 are listed below:






w/BOB Wins

w/BOS Wins


GCH CH Firehorse Franklin





GCH CH Castleguard’s Caillou





GCH CH Timoniere Zolee





GCH CH Del’ Agreste Bin Up To No Good At Sno-Storm CGC





GCH CH Campo’s Petros Zeus





Dog of the Year is awarded to any male dog owned by a CCAA member in good standing during the pertaining year, who has achieved the most points in the pertaining calendar year (Jan. 1 – Dec. 31).  Points are earned 1 per dog defeated in BOB wins and/or BOS wins.

172 thoughts on “2013 CCAA Dog of the Year

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