CCAA Members,

The time has come to clear up some more misinformation. Specifically in regards to the lifetime membership of Mr. Ed Hodas. Mr. Hodas’ lifetime membership is not, nor was it ever, in danger of being rescinded at the request of the Board of Directors. Mr. Hodas received a renewal card in the mail from the Treasurer, as did most members. Apparently, there has been some confusion regarding his receipt of the card and the status of his membership. The Board of Directors has no intention of changing Mr. Hodas’ membership status. We believe that this was simply an oversight on the part of the Treasurer. NO Director has requested that Mr. Hodas pay membership dues, nor do we intend to.


Steel Campbell, CCAA Secretary
Shauna DeMoss, CCAA Dir. #1
Derek Matson, CCAA Dir. #3
Ron Hoser, CCAA Dir. #4
Amy Scott, CCAA Dir #5
Zoe DeVita, CCAA Dir. #6
Kathy Cressia, CCAA Dir. #7
John Bucher, CCAA Dir. #8

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