Yankee Candle Time!

It’s that time again! The CCAA is doing a December Yankee Candle Fundraising Drive! The exciting news is that you can order DIRECTLY through their website and have your individual orders shipped directly to you! Please take advantage of this new system and get your favorite yummy candle scents now!!

Your holiday favorites such as Peppermint Bark, Mmmmm Bacon, Cherries On Snow, Christmas Cookie, Sugared Apple, White Christmas, Spiced Pumpkin and Apple Pumpkin are a click away! The year round favorites as always still available. Make your house warm and smell so good for the holiday!

At this time we would like to thank the members for support our beloved club as we move forward in a positive direction with harmony and warmth through the holidays. Happy Shopping!!

To order go on the Yankee Candle website and punch in our group number: 990049260


89 thoughts on “Yankee Candle Time!

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