CCAA Supported Performance and Working Events for 2014

Most people become interested in performance events by seeing them demonstrated. To see it done well and with enthusiasm from dog and handler is very compelling and seems to spark an “I bet I could do that with my dog” type of feeling.

In an effort to create this type of exposure we want to bolster participation in performance events at our conformation specialties. This is why the highest level of our club performance title requires you must attain a small portion of your points at a CCAA supported event.

Last year we offered both the National in PA and the Chicago Dog Sport Festival as our designated events. This year we hope to have a few more: it is our aim to offer one CCAA supported AKC Obedience/Rally event in every region ideally in conjunction with the conformation regional, as well as supporting one protection sport event in each region.

 If you are in a club (IPO, PSA, FR, MR) that has more than 2-3 Corsos trialing or ready to trial and would be amenable to having CCAA support the entry of Cane Corsos at your trial, effectively making that a CCAA regional event, please contact Annie at

Realistically we are still a year or more away from being in a position to host our own protection sport trial(s), but that is an important long-term goal.

Yours in Sport,

CCAA Working Committee


929 thoughts on “CCAA Supported Performance and Working Events for 2014

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