Announcement 11/9/2013

CCAA members:

Recently there have been allegations by the CCAA Vice President as well as the Treasurer that one of the current Directors, Derek Matson, is not a member in good standing and therefore not a member of the Board of Directors. The statements claim Mr. Matson did not pay his 2013 membership dues and in addition owes the club a large sum of money for funds received for ads in the Nationals brochure. After an initial internal investigation we, the undersigned, are presenting documentation demonstrating that Mr. Matson paid his 2013 dues and is therefore a member in good standing. In addition, this document further outlines that Mr. Matson was granted use of petty cash by the Board and turns in receipts when such cash is used for club business. It is very concerning that the treasurer, Krissy Sauers, had full knowledge of both the paid dues and the petty cash/receipts and still chose to present untruths to the membership in an apparent attempt to discredit a sitting Board member.  The membership can be assured that a full investigation is being undertaken. If the investigation reveals wrongdoing, correct procedure will be followed in order to avoid any future incidences.

Steel Campbell, CCAA Secretary
Shauna DeMoss, CCAA Dir. #1
Derek  Matson, CCAA Dir. #3
Ron Hoser, CCAA Dir. #4
Amy Scott, CCAA Dir #5
Zoe DeVita, CCAA Dir. #6
John Bucher, CCAA Dir. #8

The attached document, titled “Transactions by Account”, prepared by Kristen Sauers, shows the financials for Derek Matson for the first half of 2013.  The entries dated 4/20/2013 show that at the time that Mr. Matson’s membership dues totaling $70 were credited, he was owed no less than $113.33.  This was reimbursement due for expenses incurred in August 2012.

Following the sale of ads for the 2013 Nationals Brocure, Mr. Matson collected $400 in cash, which offset monies owed for reimbursement of previous expenses and established a “petty cash” fund for expenses incurred in the dispatch of his duties for the remainder of the year.

Clarification of the situation provided by Mr. Tim Wynn of Perfect Rules Parliamentarian (answers in blue):


A Director pays for mailing and other expenses for the club. He has had his dues taken out of the money owed to him by the club over the past few years. Also when he receives cash payments for advertisements or other club items he sometimes uses it as a form of petty cash to cover club expenses. He does turn in his receipts for such expenses. The club has done this in the past for other members, such as our website host and designer. The moneys due them for services is off set by their membership dues. Is that form of exchange allowed? 

From a parliamentary standpoint, this is not prohibited by any rule in parliamentary law.

Some have questioned the eligibility of a current Director that is seeking office this year. We need to know if his membership dues were covered by the moneys due to him for expenses he paid out as they have been in the past. 

RONR (11th ed.), p. 19, lines 3-9, states, “In some organizations, a particular practice may sometimes come to be followed as a matter of established custom so that it is treated practically as if it were prescribed by a rule. If there is no contrary provision in the parliamentary authority or written rules of the organization, the established custom should be adhered to unless the assembly, by a majority vote, agrees in a particular instance to do otherwise.”

If a person uses this method (in question #2) to off set their dues, are they a member in good standing?

RONR (11th ed.), page 6, footnote, states, “Members in good standing are those whose rights as members of the assembly are not under suspension as a consequence of disciplinary proceedings or by operation of some specific provision in the bylaws.”

The pertinent provision is in The Bylaws (Article I, Section 2), which states, “No member may vote whose dues are not paid for the current year.”

So long as the dues have been paid, whether by check, cash, trade, the customary off-set method previously described, or any other method, a member’s status as “in good standing” would not be affected by the above provision of the bylaws.

If “petty cash” is held by a Board member to cover some expenses and the Board of Directors has voted to approve this use, is that allowed?

There is no rule in parliamentary law that would prohibit the board from authorizing such an arrangement. 

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