2013 Election info

Calling all CCAA Members!  As this new week begins, we find ourselves halfway through September!  This means you only have about 2 weeks left to nominate someone for the 2013 election!  During the week, try to spend some time thinking about how you can get involved in this important and exciting election!  Nominating is a simple process and gives members a voice!

Nominations can either be mailed via USPS or emailed. If you choose to MAIL your nomination, just make sure that it is postmarked by or beforeSeptember 30th and addressed to:

JoAnne Campbell EOC

28987 Old Trilby Road

Brooksville, Florida 34602

If you choose to EMAIL your nomination, just make sure that it is emailed no later than September 30th to CCAA2013EOC@aol.com.

As nominations are received, the EOC will send out an email confirming that your nomination has been received, so keep an eye out for that confirmation email!

As important deadlines come up, the EOC will post reminders to make this an easy process. Questions and/or clarification can ALWAYS be sent to the EOC via email at CCAA2013EOC@aol.com. Thank you for being a part of this important process for the CCAA!