Nominations for 2015 CCAA National Specialty Judges

The time has come to begin the selection process for Judges for the 2015 CCAA National Specialty. Nominations begin today. Here is the complete timeline for the process:

May 1-June 15, open nominations (3 nominations per voting member)
June 16-July 15, vetting nominees
July 16-Aug 15, voting on vetted nominees (one vote per voting member)
Aug 16-Aug 31, final voting on top 5 vote getters to determine assignments (one vote per voting member)

Please forward your nominations, votes and questions to:

If anyone needs to send a nomination or vote via postal mail:
c/o Ron Hoser
106 Gerber Lane
Coatesville, PA 19320

49 thoughts on “Nominations for 2015 CCAA National Specialty Judges

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