2012 CCAA Working Dog Awards

The CCAA Working Committee is happy to congratulate the top working dogs of 2012.

2012 Working Points Breakdown

#1, *****CCAA Working Dog of the Year*****: Italica’s Once In A Blue Moon, owned by Annie Wildmoser and Zoe DeVita

#2: Epic’s Mr. Shiny Cadillackness, owned by Ed Gross and Shawne Imler

#3: El Mesquital Vulcan, owned by Ron Ackerman and Rogelio Rojas

#4: Blusteel’s Missy di Potrero, owned by Alexia Fino and Gabriel Rodriguez

#5: Campo’s Solomon di Rockhaven, owned by Laura Barton

The CCAA Working Committee would also like to congratulate the top working breeder of 2012.

*****CCAA Working Breeder of the Year*****: Heather King

2012 was a great year for working Cane Corsos and we are anxious to see what our members have in store for 2013. Great job by all competitors.

For further info regarding the CCAA Working Dog of the Year awards, check here:

CCAA Working Titles and Point Values