2012 CCAA Working Dog Novice recipients

The CCAA Working Committee would like to congratulate the 2012 recipients of the CCAA Working Dog Novice title:

-El Mesquital Vulcan, owned by Ron Ackerman and Rogelio “Roy” Rojas.

-Italica’s Once In A Blue Moon, owned by Annie Wildmoser and Zoe DeVita

-Epic’s Mr. Shiny Cadillackness, owned by Ed Gross and Shawne Imler

-Campo’s Solomon Di Rockhaven, owned by Laura Barton

-Red Rock Canyon’s Spartacus, owned by Shelley Messer

The WDN is one component of the CCAA ALPHA, which also requires a conformation championship and a temperament test. All of the above have also met the requirements for the ALPHA!

Great work by all!

For more information about the WDN, ALPHA and other CCAA Working Titles, look here:

Working Titles and Points

17 thoughts on “2012 CCAA Working Dog Novice recipients

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