Election time!

The CCAA announces the 2012 election for Officers and Directors.

Ballots went out Oct 15th and must be returned by Dec 1st to be valid.  The Bios for each candidate not already slated, will accompany the ballot for members to review.  The CCAA has hired a professional Parliamentarian to whom the ballots will be returned.  After that firm counts and submits the tally to the club, results will be posted.

The following positions had Candidates that ran unopposed; therefore those persons are automatically slated for the Board that begins January 1, 2013.

Tony Scandy
Vice President: Janet Gigante
Treasurer:  Krissy Sauers
Secretary: Steel Campbell
Director #4 Events: Ron Hoser

The Following positions have two candidates running this election. These are listed after each position. Members will vote for one of the two choices, for each position, on their ballots.

Director #2 – Ethics and Grievances: John King and Ed Hodas
Director #5 – Welcoming Committee: Amy Scott and  Vincent Manganiello
Director #6 – Public Relations:  Will Yingling and Zoe Devita
Director #8 –  Newsletter: John (Jay) Bucher and Mitchel Mount

The CCAA wishes all candidates the best of luck and encourages all members to exercise their right to vote. If you have been a member in good standing for 6 months or more and do not receive your ballot after a week of mailing date, please contact the EOC chair at:  wagstraining@yahoo.com