CH Mystic Valley’s Rain



CH Windypine’s Big Noise


Grand Champion

GCH CH Avalanche’s Bacchus


Grand Champion

GCH CH Capri Ignashio Of Capravera


Grand Champion

GCH CH Garritani Gabriella Ragazza CGC


Companion Dog

Antico’s Zita Di Bellezza CD BN


Beginner Novice

Antico’s Zita Di Bellezza CD BN


Rally Novice

Cooper RN CGC


Rally Novice

Windypine’s Still The One RN


Open Agility

Firehorse Falcon OA NAJ NAP NJP


Canine Good Citizen

Rockhavens Vincenzo CGC


Advanced Canine Good Citizen

Agnes CGCA


Working/Performance Titles for 2013

CONGRATULATIONS to all who worked their dogs and achieved titles and certificates in 2013. Thank you for submitting your points!

Working Dog of the Year: Renegade’s Dozer owned by Angie Stark (350 Sport points in 2013)


Qualified Runners Up:

2.)           Italica’s Regina Josephina Ballerina (275 Sport points in 2013)

3.)           El Mesquital Vulcan (265 Sport points in 2013)

4.)           Mar e Sol Lucretia della Legion (250 Sport points in 2013)


  • Mar e Sol Lucretia della Legion (GCH and 505 points to date)
  • Italica’s Once in a Blue Moon (GCH and 565 points to date)


  • Italica’s Regina Josephina Ballerina (CH and 360 points to date)
  • Mar e Sol Lucretia della Legion (see above)
  • Italica’s Locked n Loaded (CH and 295 points to date)


  • Italica’s Regina Josephina Ballerina (see above)
  • Mar e Sol Lucretia della Legion (see above)
  • Italica’s Locked n Loaded (see above)
  • BluSteel’s Little Monster Ickis (CH and 205 points to date)
  • Italica’s Marcus Wooly Mammoth (CH and 245 points to date)

Working Dog Excellent 2013

  • Renegade’s Dozer (1190 points to date)

Working Dog Advanced 2013

  • Renegade’s Dozer (see above)
  • Mar e Sol Lucretia della Legion (see above)
  • Italica’s Once in a Blue Moon (see above)

Working Dog Novice 2013

  • Renegade’s Dozer (see above)
  • Italica’s Regina Josephina Ballerina (see above)
  • Mar e Sol Lucretia della Legion (see above)
  • Mar E Sol’s Machiavelli (see above)
  • Italica’s Tessa Naamah Allura (260 points to date)
  • Italica’s Locked n Loaded (see above)

To see how to qualify, please check out the Current Working Titles and Points page.

Performance Events at the 2014 CCAA National Specialty in OH

Very excited to announce we will be having an obedience MINI Fun Match and an AKC Obedience and Rally Trial in conjunction with the National this year!

Your Corso is more than just a pretty face, come and show off the versatility and trainability of our breed.

The MINI Fun Match

  • When: Thursday March 6, 2014 following the breed judging.
  • Where: Robert’s Center Wilmington, OH
  • What: This fun match is an unofficial OB ring set up. Participants will have access to the ring set up as at a trial, but may train in the ring. Legs towards a title cannot be earned, but much can be learned! We will have Beginner Novice, Novice, and Open run throughs.
  • Why: This is a relaxed training environment, and is an excellent, economical way to get some ring time. What you do with your ring time is up to you, we can make it as formal or informal as you choose. This is an excellent opportunity to proof your skills before the real trial on Sunday!
  • How: Sign up before March 1, 2014 all entries are 5$ per run, sign up on the day, all entries 7$. Pending availability, multiple runs will be permitted at an additional 5$ per run. To sign up e-mail annielwildmoser@gmail.com

The Trial

  • When: Sunday March 9, 2014
  • Where: Queen City Dog Training Club 12018 Tramway Drive Sharonville, OH 45241 (about 30 min west of Wilmington)
  • What: AKC Obedience and Rally Trial. All regular Rally Classes, all Regular Obedience Classes, Beginner Novice, and Grad Classes are offered. CCAA medals for all participants, plaques for High Score Rally and High Score Obedience.
  • Why: Legs earned at this trial will count as being earned at a National Specialty for CCAA performance points!
  • How: Sign up by filling out and submitting the entry form found here: http://www.qcdtc.org/QCDTCObedRallyMar2014.pdf or contacting QCDTC trial secretary: Mary Stephens 513-385-7583 qcdtc.obedience.secty@gmail.com 4521 Newberry Acres Rd Cincinnati, OH 45251
  • Any questions (including trophy sponsorship) may be directed to Annie at annielwildmoser@gmail.com

CCAA Supported Performance and Working Events for 2014

Most people become interested in performance events by seeing them demonstrated. To see it done well and with enthusiasm from dog and handler is very compelling and seems to spark an “I bet I could do that with my dog” type of feeling.

In an effort to create this type of exposure we want to bolster participation in performance events at our conformation specialties. This is why the highest level of our club performance title requires you must attain a small portion of your points at a CCAA supported event.

Last year we offered both the National in PA and the Chicago Dog Sport Festival as our designated events. This year we hope to have a few more: it is our aim to offer one CCAA supported AKC Obedience/Rally event in every region ideally in conjunction with the conformation regional, as well as supporting one protection sport event in each region.

 If you are in a club (IPO, PSA, FR, MR) that has more than 2-3 Corsos trialing or ready to trial and would be amenable to having CCAA support the entry of Cane Corsos at your trial, effectively making that a CCAA regional event, please contact Annie at annielwildmoser@gmail.com

Realistically we are still a year or more away from being in a position to host our own protection sport trial(s), but that is an important long-term goal.

Yours in Sport,

CCAA Working Committee


2nd Annual CCAA Working Regional Event Results

CCAA Working Committee would like to sincerely thank all the Cane Corsos that participated in the 2nd annual CCAA Working Regional generously hosted by Chicago Dog Sport Festival.

Your efforts to showcase the versatility and trainability of the Cane Corso are very much appreciated, as is your dedication and countless hours spent working with your dogs.

CONGRATULATIONS to Mitch Keating and his dog Byonic’s Viggo for obtaining their IPO 1A! They were also awarded the High Protection Score Cane Corso, and are the 1st ever CCAA Working Regional Champion! It should also be noted that Mitch is the breeder, owner, handler and trainer of Viggo!

CONGRATULATIONS also to Angie Stark and Renegade’s Dozer for earning their IPO OB 3 (having obtained their IPO 3A earlier in the year) as well as the High Obedience Score Cane Corso trophy. A special thanks goes to Angie as well for hosting such a great event and making CCAA’s participation possible!

Complete results can be found here: http://www.dogsportfestival.com/ipoentries.htm

Nationals Week ATTS Results

Thanks to a group of wonderful and dedicated volunteers the ATTS event was a great success! Thank you Ester Pullano, Stephanie Rudderow, Suzanne and Al Taurone, Jon and Heather King, Jon Weaver and Zoe DeVita!

Congratulations to all the dogs that passed:

(In the order of testing)

1 GCH Italica’s Once In A Blue Moon RN, CD, BH Annie Wildmoser and Zoe DeVita
2 CH Epic’s Devil In A Blue Dress RN Heather King and John King
3 GCH Epic Diesel of Castleguard CGC Rachelle Cline and Heather King
4 GCH Epic’s Shiny Mr. Cadillackness CD, RN, RA Edward P. Gross and Shawne Imler
5 CH Queen City’s Lord Camacho Timothy McNeil
6 CH About Time’s Magik Dustin Green and Ashley Gerber
7 GCH FireHorse Frankin CGC Jon and Angela Weaver
8 CH FireHorse Kickin’ Out The Jams Ron and Jennifer Hoser
9 GCH FireHorse Dorian CGC TDI Ron and Jennifer Hoser
10 CH Italica’s Sometimes A FireHorse Fantasy (Legata) Ron and Jennifer Hoser
11 FireHorse Judge Stephen Lee and Amanda Smith
12 Stone Croft Gypsy Nel Palazzo Shand and Sheri Ard
13 CH Poseidon Dell’Antiqua Apulia Krissy Sauers
14 Bluesteel’s Custom Coupe Misty Barker
15 GCH Mar E Sol’s Lucretia della Legion RN, CA Anthony Simonski
16 CH Firehorse J’ La Curandera Shawne Imler & Ron Hoser