Working/Performance Titles for 2013

CONGRATULATIONS to all who worked their dogs and achieved titles and certificates in 2013. Thank you for submitting your points!

Working Dog of the Year: Renegade’s Dozer owned by Angie Stark (350 Sport points in 2013)


Qualified Runners Up:

2.)           Italica’s Regina Josephina Ballerina (275 Sport points in 2013)

3.)           El Mesquital Vulcan (265 Sport points in 2013)

4.)           Mar e Sol Lucretia della Legion (250 Sport points in 2013)


  • Mar e Sol Lucretia della Legion (GCH and 505 points to date)
  • Italica’s Once in a Blue Moon (GCH and 565 points to date)


  • Italica’s Regina Josephina Ballerina (CH and 360 points to date)
  • Mar e Sol Lucretia della Legion (see above)
  • Italica’s Locked n Loaded (CH and 295 points to date)


  • Italica’s Regina Josephina Ballerina (see above)
  • Mar e Sol Lucretia della Legion (see above)
  • Italica’s Locked n Loaded (see above)
  • BluSteel’s Little Monster Ickis (CH and 205 points to date)
  • Italica’s Marcus Wooly Mammoth (CH and 245 points to date)

Working Dog Excellent 2013

  • Renegade’s Dozer (1190 points to date)

Working Dog Advanced 2013

  • Renegade’s Dozer (see above)
  • Mar e Sol Lucretia della Legion (see above)
  • Italica’s Once in a Blue Moon (see above)

Working Dog Novice 2013

  • Renegade’s Dozer (see above)
  • Italica’s Regina Josephina Ballerina (see above)
  • Mar e Sol Lucretia della Legion (see above)
  • Mar E Sol’s Machiavelli (see above)
  • Italica’s Tessa Naamah Allura (260 points to date)
  • Italica’s Locked n Loaded (see above)

To see how to qualify, please check out the Current Working Titles and Points page.

2013 CCAA Awards

Final Call for title info submission for 2013 CCAA titles. If you have qualified for a CCAA grand champion or reproductive champion, please submit your info to no later than February 14, 2014.

Further title info available here:

2014 CCAA Breeder’s Cup Invite List

The following have qualified for invitation to the 2014 CCAA Breeder’s Cup competition.  The event is being held Friday March 7, 2014 as part of the CCAA National Specialty weekend.  Entries close on February 19, 2014 at noon.  Here is the link to enter:

A word about the judging of the Breeder’s Cup: This event is judged by a panel of three judges and the highest combined score is the winner.  The format gives each dog time to show off individually and be viewed by the judges and the fancy.  The identity of these judges is known only to the Show Chair, Nancy Amburgey.  This levels the playing field for all participants.  The suspense of showing to unknown judges raises the stakes… this is an “ALL IN” showdown for the true players.  No guts, no glory.  This is the highest level of conformation competition for Cane Corsos in the USA and the invitees are to be commended on their hard work and success in qualifying.  New for 2014 is a People’s Choice award.  For participants and spectators alike, this is the best showcase for the top dogs in our breed.  Are you ready?

Achoo Del’Agreste

Alcor’s Star Of Judea

Angelo Del Guardiano Sergio

Apex’s Sky

Appalachian Vendetta

Ballard’s Dream Maker Eva

Bel Monte Godiva Romulus

Blue Steel’s Midnight Raider

Campo’s Cosmo Di Amato Billy Whiteshoes

Campo’s Petros Zeus

Campo’s Solomon di Rockhaven

Castleguard’s Caillou

Del’ Agreste Bin Up To No Good At Sno-Storm

Dolcetto Dionysus Of Garritani

Epic Diesel Of Castleguard

Firehorse Franklin

Firehorse Kickin Out The Jams

Garritani Gabriella Ragazza

Italica’s Piasano

Italica’s We Didn’t Start The Fire

Leonitis Big Show Sargent

Liberty’s Armed And Dangerous

Lionheart’s La Nostra Stella Brillante

Mar E Sol’s Allora At Black Pearl

Mar E Sol’s Lucretia Della Legion

Maximo’s Jack

Pridenjoyz Afterglow

Red Rock Canyon’s Apollo

Red Rock Canyon’s Eat My Dust

Red Rock Canyon’s Pretty Boy Floyd

Red Rock Canyon’s Spartacus

Rivale Lucci de Italica Terrae

Scandifio’s Titus L’Asino

Scandifio’s Fiore Di Maestoso

Scandifio’s Grock Bucher

Sentinel’s BlueChip

Sleeping Giant’s On A Bender

Sleeping Giant’s Vittore

Stonecroft Bellissima Bella

Stonecroft Prince Xerxes Nel Palazzo

Timoniere Zolee

Ultima Sangue Magnifica

Wildwoods Cirino Di Campo

Windypine’s Fully Loaded

Windypine’s Hawkeye Dreams

Zeus Gerassi Corso

Performance Events at the 2014 CCAA National Specialty in OH

Very excited to announce we will be having an obedience MINI Fun Match and an AKC Obedience and Rally Trial in conjunction with the National this year!

Your Corso is more than just a pretty face, come and show off the versatility and trainability of our breed.

The MINI Fun Match

  • When: Thursday March 6, 2014 following the breed judging.
  • Where: Robert’s Center Wilmington, OH
  • What: This fun match is an unofficial OB ring set up. Participants will have access to the ring set up as at a trial, but may train in the ring. Legs towards a title cannot be earned, but much can be learned! We will have Beginner Novice, Novice, and Open run throughs.
  • Why: This is a relaxed training environment, and is an excellent, economical way to get some ring time. What you do with your ring time is up to you, we can make it as formal or informal as you choose. This is an excellent opportunity to proof your skills before the real trial on Sunday!
  • How: Sign up before March 1, 2014 all entries are 5$ per run, sign up on the day, all entries 7$. Pending availability, multiple runs will be permitted at an additional 5$ per run. To sign up e-mail

The Trial

  • When: Sunday March 9, 2014
  • Where: Queen City Dog Training Club 12018 Tramway Drive Sharonville, OH 45241 (about 30 min west of Wilmington)
  • What: AKC Obedience and Rally Trial. All regular Rally Classes, all Regular Obedience Classes, Beginner Novice, and Grad Classes are offered. CCAA medals for all participants, plaques for High Score Rally and High Score Obedience.
  • Why: Legs earned at this trial will count as being earned at a National Specialty for CCAA performance points!
  • How: Sign up by filling out and submitting the entry form found here: or contacting QCDTC trial secretary: Mary Stephens 513-385-7583 4521 Newberry Acres Rd Cincinnati, OH 45251
  • Any questions (including trophy sponsorship) may be directed to Annie at

CCAA Notice

CCAA Members,

At 7:50 am this morning, December 13, 2013, the following was sent to the former President, Vice President and Treasurer from the CCAA attorney:

Ladies and Gentleman:

On Tuesday, December 10, the Directors of the Cane Corso Association of America, Inc. convened an emergency meeting to consider the correspondence recently received from the Treasurer, in which she asserted unilateral control over the Corporation’s monies.  She further threatened to tie up the Corporation’s assets until certain demands were agreed to.

In light of the Treasurer’s misappropriation of the Corporation’s funds and the acquiescence of the President and Vice President in her actions and threats, the Directors unanimously determined that it was in the best interest of the Corporation to remove the three individuals from their respective offices pursuant to the Corporation’s Bylaws and Florida law.

The Directors further unanimously determined that it was in the best interests of the Corporation to withdraw its monies from the existing bank account and to open new corporate accounts.  The transfer of funds was accomplished on Thursday, December 12.

Accordingly, you are no longer an officer of the Cane Corso Association of America, Inc.  Please immediately return any Association property to Archie “Steel” Campbell, Secretary, including without limitation, books, records, accounts, archives, bank statements credit or debit cards, corporate seals, and any other property.  If the items are not received byWednesday, December, 18, a report will be made to the American Kennel Club and legal action may be commenced.

Very truly yours,

D. Jay Hyman


CCAA Members,

The time has come to clear up some more misinformation. Specifically in regards to the lifetime membership of Mr. Ed Hodas. Mr. Hodas’ lifetime membership is not, nor was it ever, in danger of being rescinded at the request of the Board of Directors. Mr. Hodas received a renewal card in the mail from the Treasurer, as did most members. Apparently, there has been some confusion regarding his receipt of the card and the status of his membership. The Board of Directors has no intention of changing Mr. Hodas’ membership status. We believe that this was simply an oversight on the part of the Treasurer. NO Director has requested that Mr. Hodas pay membership dues, nor do we intend to.


Steel Campbell, CCAA Secretary
Shauna DeMoss, CCAA Dir. #1
Derek Matson, CCAA Dir. #3
Ron Hoser, CCAA Dir. #4
Amy Scott, CCAA Dir #5
Zoe DeVita, CCAA Dir. #6
Kathy Cressia, CCAA Dir. #7
John Bucher, CCAA Dir. #8

Yankee Candle Time!

It’s that time again! The CCAA is doing a December Yankee Candle Fundraising Drive! The exciting news is that you can order DIRECTLY through their website and have your individual orders shipped directly to you! Please take advantage of this new system and get your favorite yummy candle scents now!!

Your holiday favorites such as Peppermint Bark, Mmmmm Bacon, Cherries On Snow, Christmas Cookie, Sugared Apple, White Christmas, Spiced Pumpkin and Apple Pumpkin are a click away! The year round favorites as always still available. Make your house warm and smell so good for the holiday!

At this time we would like to thank the members for support our beloved club as we move forward in a positive direction with harmony and warmth through the holidays. Happy Shopping!!

To order go on the Yankee Candle website and punch in our group number: 990049260

Misleading post

The CCAA Board of Directors would like to notify the membership that the following post is incorrect.  As always, membership dues paid via paypal go directly to the club paypal account.  This is the latest in a series of intentionally misleading statements intended to undermine the credibility of the Directors.  Rest assured that the majority of the Directors were performing their duties while this was posted by a rogue member of the BOD that chose not to participate in conducting the official business of the club.