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The Club's original CCAA facebook page can no longer be accessed by the majority of the Directors. All BOD members who would/should have access to it have been removed from access to that page. A new club facebook page has been created to serve as the source for information from the majority of the Directors going forward. This is the new official FB page for the CCAA. This page and this breed club website are set up to be beyond the control of individuals who are acting on their own outside of the BOD group decisions. We invite you to join us and we are excited about continuing to serve the membership.

Steel Campbell, CCAA Secretary
Shauna DeMoss, CCAA Dir. #1
Derek Matson, CCAA Dir. #3
Ron Hoser, CCAA Dir. #4
Amy Scott, CCAA Dir #5
Zoe DeVita, CCAA Dir. #6
John Bucher, CCAA Dir. #8

Members of CCAA:

We make the following statement in response to the recent post to the CCAA Facebook page signed by interim President Janet Gigante purporting to remove a CCAA member and Director, Derek Matson, as well as to reinstate suspended President Tony Scandy:

It is the position of the undersigned that the actions as set forth in Ms. Gigante’s Facebook post were taken outside of the requirements of the CCAA bylaws, Roberts Rules and against Florida State law. According to Ms. Gigante’s statement, these actions were taken by a mere three (3) members of the Board of Directors, and, thus taken without a quorum as required by the bylaws. The undersigned do not and cannot agree with the statements set forth in the Facebook post.

It is the position of the undersigned that Derek Matson is in good standing. Specifically, Mr. Matson’s status, including membership dues, was addressed on a Board Meeting. After reviewing the evidence presented, the majority of the Board of Directors voted, with a quorum, that he was in good standing. Furthermore, it is the position of the undersigned that Mr. Scandy has not been reinstated as President of the CCAA.

Due to the past and present unilateral actions of the VP, the Directors questioned the irregularity of a board call not arranged by the usual provider. We expressed our willingness to participate in a secure and properly sanctioned call, which was denied by Mrs. Gigante. Our suspicions of security breach have since been confirmed. Regardless of any individual opinions regarding recording of board meetings, the Board of Directors as a whole voted and determined that meetings shall not be recorded.

After the above mentioned Facebook post, Ms. Gigante then used her access, without BOD approval, to remove the 5 Directors from administrative privileges on the CCAA Facebook. When a request was submitted via the CCAA BOD yahoo group to reinstate the BOD access to the Club's Facebook, access to the Yahoo group was removed from the 5 Directors.

These actions are focused on stifling the operation of the club and discrediting members, and is thus preventing the Directors from conducting club business as proscribed by the bylaws.

It is the sincere hope of all making this statement that an amicable resolution can be reached forthwith for the good of the club and our beloved breed.

Zoe DeVita
Public Relations Director,
on behalf of:

Ron Hoser
Shauna DeMoss
Amy Scott
Derek Matson

Regretfully, the CCAA is announcing that Tony Scandy, President of the CCAA, has been suspended from his duties until December 5, 2013 for ethics violations. In the interim, Janet Gigante CCAA Vice President, will assume his duties.

Steel Campbell
CCAA Secretary / / 352-678-5704

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