Cane Corso Buyer Information

The first time one sees the Cane Corso (pronounced KHAN NAY Corso) you are impacted by the sheer majesty of the breed. Grace, beauty and power leap to mind as you try and put your finger on what it is that makes this breed like none other you have ever seen.  Unfortunately most people get caught up in this first impression and readily pursue ownership.  They make a compulsive purchase based on the breed’s hypnotizing appearance, failing to realize that this breed is so much more than a pretty face.  In fact, it may be one of the most complicated Breeds out there. It deserves serious pre-purchase contemplation and overwhelming post purchase dedication.  The Cane Corso is a dominant, guardian breed that is sensitive and naturally aloof of strangers. They are not social butterflies by nature and require extensive socialization and training. They require owners, this includes the entire family unit, to be confident and understand the pack order concept of dog psychology.  They should primarily be housedogs as they long to be with their masters and suffer if parted from them extensively. Corsi should only be considered by those who have ample space for the dog to exercise.

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